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Discover how business Airpoints credit cards can supercharge your business expenses, transforming them into flight rewards and more, all while streamlining your cash flow.

ANZ Visa Business Card Airpoints
ANZ Visa Business Card Airpoints

Earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $85 spent on eligible purchases or 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $50 spent directly with Air New Zealand

Earn Air New Zealand status points | Koru membership benefits | Complimentary Liability Waiver insurance

Balance Transfer

Interest Rate Cash Advance (p.a.)


Overseas Travel Insurance

Minimum Credit Limit

Joint Or Additional Cards Fee

$5 p.a.

Foreign Currency Purchases

Payment Type

Apple Pay and Google Pay


Westpac airpoints mastercard
Westpac Airpoints Business Mastercard

Earn 1 Status Point per $225 eligible purchases | Earn 1 Airpoints Dollar per $85 eligible business spend

Balance Transfer

5.95% p.a.

Interest Rate Cash Advance (p.a.)


Overseas Travel Insurance

Upt to 35 days

Minimum Credit Limit

Joint Or Additional Cards Fee

$25 per card

Foreign Currency Purchases

2.50% of transaction amount

Payment Type

Apple Pay and Westpac Pay


What are Airpoints?

Airpoints are a unique rewards programme launched by Air New Zealand. You rack up Airpoints through various transactions like purchasing flights, everyday shopping, or using a credit card tied up with Airpoints.

These points translate into real dollars and can be redeemed with Air New Zealand flights, its Star Alliance partners, and numerous participating retailers.

1 Airpoints Dollar equals 1 New Zealand Dollar. So, for example, 1,000 Airpoints Dollars would cover the cost of an Air New Zealand flight valued at $1000.

What credit cards earn Airpoints?

Four card providers in New Zealand offer Airpoints credit cards:

  • American Express
  • ANZ
  • Kiwibank
  • Westpac
  • Air New Zealand has its own Airpoints credit card (Mastercard or Visa)

Each provides you with a ticket to earn Airpoints Dollars when you spend on the card. The biggest earner of the four is American Express Platinum.

According to Air New Zealand, Airpoints credit card holders, on average, earn nine times more Airpoints Dollars than non-Airpoints credit card holders.

To transfer your points, contact your card provider for the exact process. However, it generally involves:

  1. Make sure your rewards credit card account is linked with your Air New Zealand account. If it still needs to be linked, reach out to your credit card provider for assistance.
  2. Visit your rewards credit card programme’s website and log in to your account. Look for guidance on converting reward points into Airpoints Dollars.
  3. Double-check all the transaction details. Once confirmed, follow the given steps to finalise your points transfer.

Benefits of Airpoints credit cards for your business

There are a few ways Airpoints credit cards can serve your business:

Rewarding returns: With every dollar spent on eligible purchases, you earn Airpoints. From stationery to client dinners, your regular business expenses boost your Airpoints balance, giving you a rewarding return on your spending.

Travel savings: Airpoints credit cards can be particularly beneficial if your business involves frequent travel. The points you accumulate can be redeemed for business flights or upgrades, leading to hefty savings on your travel expenses.

Cash flow management: An alternative to taking out a business loan, an Airpoints credit card for your business is a flexible solution for managing day-to-day operational costs, supporting business growth, and maintaining cash flow.

Better travel experiences: Beyond monetary savings, many Airpoints credit cards offer perks to enhance your travel experiences. These could include access to airport lounges — a quiet space to catch up on work, travel insurance for peace of mind, or even priority check-in at certain airports.

Employee cards: Some Airpoints credit cards offer additional cards for your employees at little or no extra cost. This means your business can earn Airpoints faster as all spending on these cards contributes to the same Airpoints balance.

Flexible Rewards: Accumulated Airpoints can also be redeemed at various participating retailers. Whether it’s a new gadget for the office or a team meal at a local restaurant, the flexibility of Airpoints extends to cater to diverse business needs.

Simplify business expenses: Having a separate card for your work-related expenses makes managing business finances easier. Using them for regular payments or purchasing supplies lets you easily track your expenditures, streamline cash flow, and simplify your end-of-month reconciliation.

Is an Airpoints credit card right for your business?

Not all businesses will be suitable candidates for Airpoints credit cards. The greatest benefit is achieved for those who frequently use their credit card and can pay off their balances every month.

An Airpoints credit card may provide benefits if you’re regularly using your card for business expenses. However, the annual fee and accrued interest could outweigh the Airpoints benefits if you can’t pay off the balance each month.

Therefore, evaluating your spending habits and financial capacity is crucial before opting for an Airpoints credit card.

How can I use my Airpoints?

Once you’ve accumulated a healthy sum of Airpoints, they can be used in various ways. Here’s how you can put your Airpoints to good use:

  • Flight tickets: Airpoints may be used to book flights with Air New Zealand, Star Alliance, and partner airlines.
  • Extra baggage: Need more room for your travel essentials? Use your Airpoints to cover extra baggage allowances.
  • Onboard refreshments: Enjoy food and drinks onboard by using your accumulated Airpoints.
  • Purchases from the Airpoints store: Have a shopping spree at the Airpoints Store using your points.
  • Travel insurance: Secure your travel with insurance, purchasable with Airpoints.
  • Car rental: You can rent a car with Avis or Budget with your Airpoints.
  • Flight upgrades: Who doesn’t love an upgrade? Use your Airpoints for a better seat!
  • Fine wines: Treat yourself to a selection of exquisite wines from New Zealand’s wine-makers, courtesy of your Airpoints.

Remember, Airpoints offer a fantastic way for businesses to optimise their spending. However, always consider your business needs and financial status before opting for an Airpoints credit card.

What type of purchase is eligible to earn Airpoints?

  • Typically, any regular spending on a credit card could be classed as a ‘qualifying purchase’ in terms of rewards points accumulation. In other words, this includes routine expenses such as grocery shopping, dining experiences, fuel costs, and various retail purchases.
  • What purchases aren’t eligible? Usually, transactions like cash withdrawals, balance transfers, BPAY transactions, or any fees associated with the credit card don’t qualify to earn points.
  • Always review the terms and conditions in detail to understand which types of purchases contribute towards earning rewards points.

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