Stadium Finance

Stadium Finance, a premier personal and business finance provider, excels with an experienced team and top-notch service. With a strategic network of lenders, Stadium Finance negotiates competitive interest rates, flexible repayments, and customized loan terms for clients nationwide. Operating from Christchurch, this privately-owned company ensures efficient financial solutions for individuals and businesses. Whether you need personal finance or business funding, Stadium Finance is your trusted partner in achieving financial goals with tailored and competitive offerings. Explore our financing options to secure the best deals for your financial needs.

Products on offer

Product Rate (p.a.) Monthly Payment Total Payment Amount
Stadium Finance Car Loan 10.95% to 25.95% $495.14 $17,825.12 Go to site
Stadium Finance Personal Loan – Secured 10.95% to 25.95% $495.14 $17,825.12 Go to site