Tiger Brokers – The Fastest Growing Online Broker for Millennials and Gen Z

Tiger Brokers the fastest growing and trusted online trading platform.

Since launching in 2014, Tiger Brokers has become the fastest-growing online broker for millennials and Gen Z with 9 million users registered worldwide.

With low commission trades, competitive fees, and no minimum deposit requirement, this user-friendly platform offers easy access to Australian, American and Asian Markets and transparent in-depth information trading data.

How can you invest with Tiger Brokers?

A NASDAQ listed global company (TIGR), Tiger Brokers offers extensive access to global markets for stocks, ETFs, Options and Futures tradable assets.

  • ASX Stocks
  • U.S Stocks
  • U.S Options
  • ETFs
  • H.K Stocks

Getting started is easy; you can open a new account in 5 minutes and fund it with as little as 1 cent.

What are the platform’s features?

Multiple trading features

Users can easily access trading features including one-click trading, in-depth analytics, screeners, profit and loss analysis, stock options trading, and candlestick charts.

One-stop-shop for financial news

Stay up to date with financial information on company stocks, global news, an economic calendar and much more all inside the platform.

Complimentary real-time stock quotes

Free streaming market data to stay on top of your investments, analyse prices and understand trends.

What accounts are offered by Tiger Brokers?

The Tiger Brokers platform offers two types of trading accounts.

Margin Account

Margin Account allows margin trading and short selling (intraday leverage up to 4 times; overnight leverage up to 2 times) and trading all products available at Tiger.

There is no limit on the number or frequency of Transaction plus 0 days trades.

Cash Account

Cash Account allows trading with cash and is the most basic account type on the platform. There is no limit on the number or frequency of Transaction plus 0 days trades.

Margin trading and short selling aren’t available with a Cash Account. Products including futures and options requiring financing cannot be traded with Cash Account either.

Users who meet the age and employment status requirements can choose to upgrade from a Cash Account to a Margin account.

Fees and pricing

View a full breakdown of Tiger Brokers brokerage and other fees here

At the time of writing, a special brokerage of $0 applies to ASX Stocks & ETFs and US Stocks & ETFs for the first 3 months.

Currently, Tiger Broking does not charge deposit and withdrawal fees, currency exchange fees, inactivity fees and account maintenance fees.

Reward and Promotions

Tiger Broker users can take advantage of a range of rewards and promotions.

  • Welcome Rewards: Fund your account with 1¢ and get A$50 in stock vouchers
  • New account gift: 90 days of brokerage-free trading on US and ASX stocks, free live streaming of US market data and free click to refresh AU market data.
  • Referral bonus: Refer a friend & get A$50 in stock vouchers

Tiger Brokers community

There is also an active community aspect to the Tiger Brokers platform. Users are encouraged to connect in the discussion-rich online community to share thoughts and information.

Interested in joining the Tiger Brokers platform? Open an account today or practice stocks and options trading with a $100K virtual fund on a demo account.