American Express Credit Cards in New Zealand

AMEX cards have the best credit card rewards.

American Express has become a household name for credit card users across the world, primarily because it’s a reliable brand with generous rewards. With tens of thousands of businesses accepting American Express payments in New Zealand, now is the time to join the millions of users taking advantage of the convenience and perks offered by American Express.

The American Express Platinum Card

The Amex Express Platinum Card is a charge card with incredible perks.

Best Rewards Rate

If rewards are what you want, the Platinum Card can help you reach them faster. With 2 points for every $1 spent, this is the best reward earn rate among all Amex cards.

Enhanced Lifestyle

If you enjoy travel and fine dining, use your card to earn up to $300 Dining Credits for the best New Zealand restaurants and $200 to spend toward travel each year with Fine Hotels + Resorts and The Hotel Collection.

Personal Concierge

With the Platinum Card, you get your very own Personal Concierge to help out with anything you need! A Concierge can take care of things like travel arrangements, organising tickets to sold-out events, sourcing the perfect gift for a loved one, or any other task you need help with.

Free Insurance

Use your card to pay for a return trip or your smartphone costs and you can receive complimentary travel insurance or smartphone screen repair insurance.

Transfer Points

When you’re earning points at such a high rate, it’s handy to know they can be transferred to use towards airline and hotel programmes. There are 7 airline rewards and 2 hotel programs available for points transfers.

Travel Benefits

You and a friend get complimentary VIP access to 1,200 airport lounges around the world. Upgrade your car hire and hotel with loyalty programmes including Hilton, Marriott, Bonvoy, Radisson Rewards and Accor Hotels.

Luxury Resort and Hotel Bonuses

Use your Amex Platinum Card to access amazing perks at 5-star accommodation venues around the world. Improve your trip by enjoying breakfast daily, early check-in, late check-out, room upgrades and more.

The American Express Airpoints Platinum Card

The Amex Airpoints Platinum Card is for the credit-savvy traveller.

Complimentary Travel Insurance

All travellers know how expensive travel insurance can be over a number of trips. But in this day and age, travel insurance is one of those essentials many don’t leave home without. When you book your return trip with your Amex card, you’ll receive complimentary Travel Insurance.

Phone Screen Insurance

Use your credit card to purchase a smartphone or pay for your monthly mobile bill (including SIM-only plans) to get complimentary smartphone screen repair insurance. This free insurance covers claims of up to $500 for screen repairs, with a 10% excess.

Fastest Airpoints Dollar Earner

Anyone who likes to travel will be excited to know that for every $59 spent, you earn 1 Airports Dollar. The Airpoints Platinum Card is the fastest way to earn Airpoints Dollars with a platinum card in New Zealand.

Free Additional Cards

With up to four additional cards completely free, you can quickly earn Airpoints Dollars by getting the family involved.

Earn Upgrades

Every $250 spent earns status points for you to put towards airport benefits such as seat upgrades, increased baggage, lounge access and priority service. You also qualify for a Koru Lounge discount on your sign up fee and for your annual fee for each year you hold the card.

The American Express Airpoints Card

The Amex Express Airpoints Card is a cost-effective credit card with Airpoints Dollar rewards

No Card Fee

One of the great things about this credit card is the absence of an annual free. So you can earn rewards without having to worry about paying for the privilege.

Six months interest-free

All purchases for the first six months are interest-free. If you’re looking to consolidate credit card debt, you’ll have a six-month interest-free period — which could mean a significant cost saving if you have a large existing credit card balance. After six months, the interest-free period reverts to 55 days.

Earn Airpoints Dollars

For every $100 spent, you earn 1 Airpoints Dollar. So you can build rewards to go towards your next trip simply by using your Amex card for your everyday spending.

Online Fraud Protection

Any unauthorised charges on your card will be covered when you swiftly report the fraudulent transaction. So you don’t need to worry about

Up to 4 Cards Free

To make the most of the reward building potential of this fee-free credit card, you can get up to four cards for free for your family members to use.

The American Express Gold Rewards Card

If rewards are what you’re looking for, the Amex Gold Rewards Card won’t disappoint.

Fast Rewards

With 2 Membership Rewards points for every dollar you spend, there is no better AMEX card for earning rewards at this rate. The points can be redeemed for gift cards, travel bookings or used to pay off eligible purchases.

Welcome Offers

If you’re a new Amex customer, you might be lucky enough to claim an introductory offer. American Express often have welcome offers, including cash back or bonus points for new customers who meet the criteria. Check out our comparison tables for more information on the latest welcome offers.

55 Days Interest-free

If you pay your balance within the interest-free period, you’ll enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free credit card purchases.

Earn Dining Credits

With participating restaurants across New Zealand, you can indulge in fine cuisine while earning up to $200 back each year. Simply spend $100 to qualify for a $100 credit.

Free Additional Cards

To boost your reward earning potential, AMEX offers additional cards for free, so you can get the rest of your family equipped to build up those rewards points with their very own sleek metal AMEX card (available in gold or rose gold).

Benefits of using an American Express card

With a huge range of benefits, there’s an Amex card to add value to anyone’s lifestyle.


One of the best features of Amex cards is the generous rewards programs that let you use your rewards points for purchases, travel or gift cards.

  • Purchases. Your points can be used for purchases with participating retailers such as Ticketmaster and Harvey Norman. Your points convert to cash that can be spent on products, concerts, sporting events and other attractions. You can also use points for your charges on eligible items, which basically means you redeem them and spend it as though it’s cash.
  • Travel. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, your reward points can be used to pay for travel through American Express Travel Online, Helloworld, travel agency gift cards, or transfer your points to participating Airline Rewards and Guest Partner Programmes.
  • Gift cards. The Amex gift card collection has lots to choose from, so you’re bound to find something for everyone. Choose from retail, travel and entertainment gift cards. American Express Experiences If you’ve ever wanted to be treated like a VIP at big-ticket events, Amex makes it possible. Access pre-sale tickets, exclusive events, and kick back in Entertainment Lounges at selected venues worldwide (Entertainment Lounges are yet to be introduced in New Zealand).

American Express Experiences

If you’ve ever wanted to be treated like a VIP at big-ticket events, Amex makes it possible. Access pre-sale tickets, exclusive events, and kick back in Entertainment Lounges at selected venues worldwide (Entertainment Lounges are yet to be introduced in New Zealand).

Perks and Upgrades

Amex provides a huge range of benefits for dining, travel and entertainment. Airport lounge passes, dining credit, accommodation upgrades, and even a personal concierge, Amex makes any experience one to remember

Free Insurance

Depending on the card you choose, there are different types of complimentary insurance available:

  • Travel Insurance is available for domestic and international travel. To access the cover, you’ll generally need to use your card to pay for an eligible item or your trip.
  • Smartphone Screen Repair Insurance is available when you use your card to pay for your phone expenses. You can claim up to $500 for screen repairs with a 10% excess.

Amex Eligibility Criteria

If you’d like to apply for an American Express Card, these are the criteria that must be met:

  • Aged 18 or over.
  • Have no bad debt history or payment defaults.
  • Have the right to work in New Zealand.
  • Have a pre-tax income of at least $35,000 per year (this amount may be more depending on which card you are applying for).
  • If self-employed, you must have been trading for at least 18 months (12 months for existing Amex Card holders).

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